Our Lawyers’ Mission

Matteuzzi & Brooker, P.C. was founded on the fundamental principle that the best way to serve our valued clients is to ensure our lawyers, legal professionals and entire staff share and adhere to our core values:

  • a passion for our chosen profession;
  • an aggressive representation of our clients’ interests;
  • a commitment to the highest ethical standards.

At Matteuzzi & Brooker, P.C., we understand that in today’s environment “clients hire lawyers and not law firms.” Therefore, we deeply value our relationships with our clients and place the highest premium on client satisfaction. We work hard to earn the privilege of continuing to serve the legal needs of each of our clients now and well into the future. We are confident that our combined experience coupled with our enthusiasm and passion for trial work and commitment to obtaining favorable results will provide our clients with peace of mind knowing that they have a legal partner they can trust.

Your Problems Will Become Our Problems

Our team of committed lawyers and staff believe in a “client-centered” firm where the problems, needs, and interests of our clients are given the highest priority. We are committed to making our clients the focus of our business. The best way and the only way for this to occur is by ensuring that your problems become our problems. Whether we are representing an individual, truck driver, trucking company, small business, large corporation or insurance company, we are driven to provide aggressive and practical representation tailored to the individual needs of each client. When we direct our energy in this manner and have a vested interest in the outcome, superior results naturally follow. Given our mission, we understand when the complexities of the legal arena are reduced to the simplest level, our ultimate role is to serve you – our clients.

Big Problems Demand Big Solutions

From repeatedly dealing with cases where millions of dollars are on the line and/or where catastrophic injuries have occurred, we know the level of detail and tenacity required to protect and advance the best interests of our clients. The ability to quickly diagnose problems that arise during the course of a lawsuit and the ability to find the right solutions to those problems in a timely manner is often the difference between winning and losing. With substantial trial experience, we stand ready, willing and able to find solutions to your biggest problems.

Expanding beyond Missouri and Kansas throughout the Midwest

While our roots have traditionally been serving clients in state and federal courts throughout Missouri and Kansas, at the request of a large national insurer, we have expanded our geographic territory to the six state region made up by Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Iowa and Nebraska. Since then, other insurers have taken notice and have utilized our firm in this region. We are active and/or licensed in state and federal courts throughout this region and are often called upon to serve clients in high-stakes cases that are pending throughout the Midwest. We have the knowledge, experience, and commitment to deliver value while serving clients throughout the Midwest.

Contact the Trial Lawyers at Matteuzzi & Brooker

The lawyers at Matteuzzi & Brooker are dedicated to getting results. If you believe that we can assist you and/or your insureds please call us today at (913) 253-2500. We have lawyers licensed and/or active in state and federal courts in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Iowa and Nebraska. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.