Contract and Business Litigation

Business and contract disputes can arise in a number of different situations. As small business owners, we understand the need for practical, cost-conscious, and outcome driven representation when business and contract disputes arise. While we are equipped to fully litigate business disputes to conclusion in court, we will focus on obtaining the best outcome for each client at various stages of the litigation.

If you find yourself or your company in a contract or business dispute, contact us to determine whether or not it makes sense to involve our firm. Putting a trial lawyer in your corner may provide you with the leverage, courtroom experience, and know-how to tip the scales in your favor to resolve your dispute on favorable terms.

Contact a Contract Lawyer

If you are facing a business or contract dispute, contact the legal team at Matteuzzi & Brooker for practical, cost-conscious guidance from lawyers you can trust at (913) 253-2500.