Catastrophic Injury Litigation

When an automobile, industrial or other accident results in a death or catastrophic injury, our clients have peace of mind knowing that we are ready to address all aspects of the liability and damages issues that are relevant to the defense of these kinds of cases. Our experience and dedication to obtaining exceptional outcomes makes the legal team at Matteuzzi & Brooker the optimal choice in any catastrophic injury case.

The Stakes go up exponentially when dealing with Catastrophic Injuries

Alleged catastrophic injuries can range in scope and degree. These injuries can include allegations related to closed head injuries, traumatic brain injuries, orthopedic injuries, loss of a limb, paraplegia, quadriplegia and death.

Winning the Battle of the Experts

When litigating these kinds of injuries, we routinely work with national and regional consulting experts in number of fields and disciplines. For example, we commonly work with experts in the fields of orthopedic medicine, various medical disciplines, vocational rehabilitation, life care planning, neurology, psychology, neuropsychology and economics. As your lawyer, our familiarity with a nationwide network of the relevant experts allows us to aggressively advance and to fully protect the interests of our clients in catastrophic injury cases.

The Catastrophic Injury Lawyer you Choose Matters

The Matteuzzi & Brooker approach to practicing law uniquely positions us to provide you the best representation possible. We have substantial experience in high stakes cases where significant injuries and damages have been alleged and are at stake. We have the knowledge and dedication needed to steer catastrophic injury cases to a successful outcome.

Our Legal Team is ready to Help

The legal team at Matteuzzi & Brooker wants you to know that we are committed to your success. Engage our firm to tackle your problems by calling (913) 253-2500.